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Hiring in Bellevue, WA

We’re looking to hire for the following three positions for our Bellevue, WA office.


Candidates can look at our new hire reading list to find out more about MobileIron.

You can also check out MobileIron’s LinkedIn profile to see a list of other positions that are open in Mountain View, CA – MobileIron’s HQ.

If you’d like to get a few ideas on what to submit to us and how to get ahead in the hiring process, please review my recent blogpost – getting past the recruiter.

Please contact me via LinkedIn if you’re interested or know someone who’d be a good fit.


Friday night 20k run to the brewery


First longer run after a quite a while. It felt better than I thought it was going to. Still plenty of juice left at the end of it.

The long straight stretch by the Sammamish River trail (bike path) is really nice. I made it to the Redhook Brewery in Woodinville and on the way back I cut through Redmond.

The heart rate monitor was acting up again for some reason. That’s the second time I saw it do that recently, sporadically showing 200+ even though I’m pretty sure I was @ around 150 beats per minute. I think it’s time for a new heartbeat strap, or at least a new battery.

I sure wish I could hold a similar pace during the race in July, but the legs will be beat up from the 90k bike split, it’d be fairly naive to hope for something like this.

More logs available in the training log here.


What does MobileIron do anyway?

Most of my friends never heard of MobileIron before. It’s not surprising. My friends don’t really care about the challenges of deploying and managing multi-platform mobile devices in the enterprise, why would they?

Anyway – we all know picture is worth 1000 words. So here is how I would explain MobileIron in a single picture. It’s sort of the elevator pitch without the elevator.

Click on the image to see higher resolution.

To give some credit – the picture above was created using a website my daughter (she’s in 4th grade) told me about last night.


Video Podcasts worth watching

Videopodcast_logoIt’s very impressive when someone has the drive and motivation to put out a new video podcast episode every week. There is a significant amount of effort that goes into producing quality content.

My favorite series is Railscasts produced by Ryan Bates. His podcasts are so popular that they’re transcribed to multiple languages. For a long time Ryan did all this work for free. About a year ago he opened a paid track where he goes into even more detail and at $9/month it’s a steal.

Next on the list – This Week in Startups. Many interesting interviews – here is a good example (dhh from 37signals). I’m way behind on watching this series.

Dave Kaminski’s Web Video Secrets are well produced and full of great content.

And another one worth mentioning is produced by the guys at Thoughtbot, the authors of paperclip and bourbon among other things. This one is audio only podcast, but worth it.

Another audio only podcast worth following is Javascript Jabber. Going strong at 60 episodes, there is a lot of great information on jQuery, Node.js, Backbone.js, Jasmine, etc.

Heroku published all the videos from their Waza 2013 conference.

And as if the podcasts on iTunes were not enough, the interviews on Mixergy round it up really well. I just wish I had more time to watch all that, it’s hard to keep up.


Downloading CycleOps Powertap data

The CycleOps Powertap power meter connects via standard USB interface.

The one I have is called PowerTap S/L Pro Coded (wired).

The manufacturer provides software drivers for both OSX and Windows here - PowerAgent.

Now I need to figure out if I’m going to be merging the power data file with Garmin or if it’s better to upload it to Training Peaks or similar.



From Javascript to Coffeescript

Coffeescript Railscast by Brian Bates - http://railscasts.com/episodes/267-coffeescript-basics?view=asciicast

Javascript to Coffeescript and back on-the-fly conversion: http://js2coffee.org/

Maintanable Javascript – 47 minutes – video by Nicholas Zakas


Play Framework

James Ward has a pretty good tutorial covering Play Framework, JSON and jQuery.


My favorite OSX applications

Running 10.8.3 this is what I find myself using the most often:

Thinking about trying:

Sublime2 text editor – I like the demo they have on the homepage. We sure came a long way from the vi editor …

Did you know Evernote will parse your screenshot and if it was text, it will let you full-text search through it? Blows my mind that they do that – very cool …

What do you use to be more productive on your Macbook?

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More productivity with 25 minute power nap

What do you know? In Japan they have nap salons, where people pay to have a nap on a nap during the day. I didn’t see any nap salons in Bellevue, so sofa will have to do for now.


Become a JavaScript Ninja

Free JavaScript track on CodeAcademy: http://www.codecademy.com/tracks/javascript

Master jQuery in about 2 hours - http://try.jquery.com/

Free JavaScript, CoffeeScript and jQuery books - http://jsbooks.revolunet.com/